Toy Fox Terrier...


The Toy Fox Terrier is also known as the American Toy Terrier or Amertoy. The Toy Fox Terrier was developed in the USA in the 1930's and is directly descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier, whose standard dates from 1876. The Toy Fox Terrier may be physically small, but this is a robust little terrier that retains all the passion of its Fox Terrier ancestors. The breed has been deemed elegant and graceful with V-shaped ears and large eyes. Toy Fox Terriers, like many active and intelligent breeds, can learn to respond to a number of words. The Toy Fox Terrier is alert and friendly, and loyal to its owners.

The Toy Fox Terrier is easy to groom. The Toy Fox Terrier is a light shedder with a shiny, satiny coat that is short in length. This breed is easy to groom, requiring an occasional bath and an occasional brushing. The nails should be trimmed when needed.

Toy Fox Terrier


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