Probably the most ancient of sight hounds, one of the earliest recordings of the Saluki was a stamp seal found at Tepe Gawra dated 2000 - 3000 BC. The Saluki is an ancient breed that predates Christianity. It is named after the ancient Arabian city of Seleucia, the home to possibly the oldest known civilization. Dogs are thought to be unclean in the Muslim religion, but the Saluki was an exception. It was considered a sacred gift of Allah and was called “el hor” or “the noble one". The graceful and beautiful Saluki is usually quiet indoors, but is active outdoors and needs serious exercise. This dog is fast. Because of his independent nature, training him takes patience and humor. He is devoted to his owner and does not usually warm up to strangers.

The coat of the Saluki can be either smooth or feathered. Both have short, silky hair, but the feathered coat has feathering on the ears, tail and legs. The Saluki is a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, and his coat can be kept in good condition simply with occasional brushing. He is a medium shedder, and may not be ideal for those with severe allergies.


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