Saint Bernard...


One of the instantly recognisable breeds, Saint Bernards stand tall with massive frames which make them so remarkable. They are muscular dogs with powerful, imposing heads, and are capable of covering very rough ground with unhurried, smooth movements. Saint Bernards belong to the pastoral group and their true function is search and rescue work. They make excellent family pets and, of course, are admired in the show-ring. Saint Bernards were also bred to share in the work of their master (service dogs) and to spend most of their waking hours working with their master. They thrive on companionship and they want to be wherever you are.

The Saint Bernard can have either a shorthaired coat or a rough-haired coat. A Saint Bernard's coat needs to be brushed regularly, especially in the rough coat specimen. A bristle brush can be used for good results but individual dogs require brushes suitable to their coat type. Slicker brushes can be used to remove dead coat and matting, especially during the moulting season. Brush the coat the opposite way to which it lays naturally, so as to stimulate good circulation of the skin. A thorough brushing each day only involves approximately 5 minutes and this helps in keeping your dog clean all of the time. Baths should be given only when necessary and a mild soap must be used.

Saint Bernard

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