The Puli is an ancient sheep dog of Hungary, introduced by the migration of the Magyars from Central Asia in the Middle Ages. Nomadic shepherds of the Hungarian plains valued their herding dogs, paying as much as a year's salary for a Puli. In Asia, the breed dates back 2000 years and anecdotal evidence suggests that a Puli-like dog existed 6000 years ago. This breed is possibly the ancestor of the modern Poodle. Pulis are very intelligent, have excellent agility, and are obedient enough to train for athletic competition. They are also fabulous herding dogs. Pulis are loyal to their owners and wary of strangers. They are highly active and keep a puppy-like energy for the entirety of their life.

The Puli has a very unique coat of long cords which develops around the age of six months when the soft, wooly undercoat grows and becomes tangled in the longer, harsher outercoat. The coat is the result of a controlled matting process and needs considerable grooming to keep its cords clean, neat, and attractive. Alternatively, the coat of the Puli can be trimmed short regularly for easy maintenance, although the corded coat is what attracts many people to the breed. The coat of some sub-breeds can be different. There are variations of more felt-like coats and more rope-like corded coats. In the natural corded state, regular bathing is needed to keep the dog from smelling. If you choose to have anything but a fully corded Puli, a great deal of grooming and care is required.


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