The Pointer was developed in England although its lineage can be traced back to a number of European sporting breeds. By the mid 19th century the English Pointer had become the best of the pointing breeds. Pointers are intelligent, energetic, dignified, friendly, even tempered and charming dogs. They make wonderful sporting dogs with an excellent nose and bird hunting instincts. A versatile and good natured dog, the Pointer is an active and agile dog. The Pointer is quick to learn, and this can make training far easier. These are dogs that are well suited to family life, and are ideal for active people with confidence and assertiveness.

The grooming requirements for a Pointer are not demanding, although you may need to step up grooming during times when your dog is shedding more heavily. When shedding, it can be brushed with a rubber brush to remove the dead hairs. Occasional brushing of the short coat will help to keep it in good condition. This breed is a medium shedder and sheds more heavily on a seasonal basis, so may not be ideal for those with allergies. The ears should be checked often. Baths should be given only when needed.


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