Old English Sheep Dog...


Old English Sheepdogs are distinctive the world over with their long, shaggy coats covering thickset bodies. Their eyes appear to be totally covered but their vision is never impaired. Old English Sheepdogs belong to the pastoral group and are now popular for companionship, showing and obedience trials. Old English Sheepdogs are cheerful extroverts and make superb family companions. They have lovely natures but can be excitable and rough when playing, therefore care must be taken when young children are involved.

The Old English Sheepdog is a seasonally heavy shedder with a long, coarse coat. Regular brushing and combing daily or at least every other day is essential in order to prevent tangling and to remove hair shed. Keep the hair around the eyes and rear-end trimmed. The de-matting process for a Old English Sheepdog coat may be significantly eased by using spray-on detangling products designed for use before the bath.

Old English Sheep Dog

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