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The Norfolk Terrier is the smallest of the working Terriers. Prior to 1960, when it gained recognition as an independent breed, it was a variety of the Norwich Terrier, distinguished from the Norwich by its "drop", or folded ears. The Norfolk Terrier originates from Britain, and was bred in the twentieth century to hunt vermin. They are outgoing, playful, energetic, active and compact, free moving, with good substance and bone. Good substance means good spring of rib and bone that matches the body such that the dog can be a very agile ratter, the function for which it was bred. Norfolks are described as fearless but should not be aggressive despite being capable of defending themselves if need be.

Norfolk Terriers have a double coat. The outer coat is somewhat wiry and firm. The softer undercoat is moderately dense and guarded by the outer coat. The breed typically has a mane from the neck to the shoulders. The Norfolk Terrier is a light shedder with a shaggy, waterproof coat of medium length. The Norfolk Terrier requires moderate grooming, and his coat should be brushed at least on a weekly basis. For hygiene reasons the hair around his bottom needs to be trimmed regularly. The coat can be clipped every few months, although for show dogs the dead coat will need to be stripped. Baths and dry shampoos should be given only when needed.

Norfolk Terrier

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