Need A Pet?...

Do we sell puppies?
Yes, we sell our own dogs of championship lines. Contact us for a pure-bred pup.

I am ready for the dogs. What should I get?
The decision of what dogs are better for your family has a lot to do with your research and planning, and the more you know, before deciding to buy, the best decision you will make. This applies to all aspects of your dog -- from the selection of breeds to decide to where to buy. We strongly recommend that you spend a lot of time to study before making a final decision. Remember that pets have a right to life. Contact us for advise or consultation.

What better dogs with children?
Raising children and puppies together can be a wonderful experience if you have the time to do a little advance planning. Like people, dogs are individuals, with their individual personalities. Although some species are friendlier towards children than others, you have to spend a lot of research before deciding on the type of dog you want. You can check online or read about it in books or contact us for advise.

Once you have a dog, you have to start training your new dog immediately. A professional coach can help you tips on how to ensure that your new pet learns to behave with other family members.

Can you help me find a pet?
Pet Groomers Pro is a strong supporter of animal rescue and adoption programs, and we work closely with local shelters and rescue groups. We are always happy to introduce animal lovers with these organisations.

Do we breed our own pups?
Yes, we breed our own champioship line pups. Contact us for details.


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