There are several theories as to where the Mastiff breed originated but it is generally believed that the British created the breed as he is known today. Legends and folklore abound regarding the breed's ancestry and there is evidence of Mastiff-like dogs dating as far back as 2500 BC in the mountains of Asia. The Mastiff was nearly extinct by the end of WWII, but was saved with imports from the United States and Canada. The Mastiff is a watchful, reliable, and intelligent breed. They are exceedingly loyal and deeply devoted to their family. This breed thrives on human companionship and affection and does not do well if left alone for extended periods of time. The Mastiff does best in a home with older considerate children. They do not do well with other household pets they have not been raised with.

The Mastiff is a double coat breed. The Mastiff is an average shedder with a coarse, moderately short outercoat and a short, dense undercoat. The under coat is dense and fits closely to the body. Not only does your mastiff need a bath at least once a week, but they also need to be brushed (yes, even though their hair is short), they need their ears cleaned, their nails clipped, and a good tooth brushing never hurts either! The shiny coat can be maintained by brushing daily with a firm bristle brush and wiping with a moist towel. Baths or dry shampoos can be given when needed.


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