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The Lakeland Terrier was originally called the Patterdale Terrier. It was developed from crossings between the Bedlington and the Old English Wirehaired Terrier in England's Lake District. The Lakeland Terrier was bred originally for hunting otters, foxes, rats and mice. It's origins can be dated back to the 1700's. Lakelands are very intelligent dogs and have an attitude of ‘done that what’s next’ even if they are not ready to proceed. Lakeland Terriers today are used for companions and seen in the show ring.

This is a double coated breed. Its outer coat should be firm and wiry, whereas the undercoat is close and soft, and less prominent than the outer coat. The Lakeland Terrier requires weekly care and grooming. Grooming consists of not only brushing out the coat and bathing but also giving attention to the eyes, teeth, ears, feet and nails. The Lakeland Terrier sheds little to no hair. Just two or three times a year, the coat should be plucked to remove old hair. In addition, loose hair in the ears and excess hair between the pads of the feet should be removed.

Lakeland Terrier

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