The Keeshond has an arctic origin. In the eighteenth century the Keeshond was known as "a dog of the people." The Keeshond is a very old breed and there is little doubt that the fact it was never intended to hunt, kill animals or attack criminals accounts for its gentleness and devotion. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Keeshonden were used as watchdogs, good-luck companions, and vermin controllers on river boats, farms and barges. The typical Keeshond has an outgoing personality. It is outwardly affecti onate with its family and will accept strangers readily once the owner has showed no concern for the strangers presence. Keeshonden are friendly by nature to both people and other dogs.

The Keeshond is a seasonally heavy shedder with a long coat. Daily brushing with a stiff bristle brush is recommended. Regular brushing and combing twice a week is essential in order to remove substantial wooly hair shed from the dense downy undercoat, and not only the long outer coarse guard coat which protects the undercoat. The density of the hair coat can be misleading to novice groomers or owners of this breed; it is dense. Baths or dry shampoos should be given only when necessary. The comfort of the Keeshond through the professional grooming process is significantly increased when the dog owner has maintained proper regular brushing and combing.


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