Irish Wolfhound...


The breed is very old, possibly from the 1st century BC or earlier, bred as war dogs by the ancient Celts, who called them Cú Faoil. The Irish Wolfhound continued to breed them for this purpose, as well as to guard their homes and protect their stock. Regular references of Irish Wolfhounds being used in dog fights are found in many historical sagas. Irish Wolfhounds are sweet-tempered, patient, generous, thoughtful, very intelligent and can be trusted with children. Dignified and willing, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and family. Not a guard dog by nature, but may be a deterrent simply due to his size. They tend to greet everyone as a friend, so use of them as watch dogs is not recommended.

His natural looking rough-textured coat comes in a variety of attractive tonings, and is easily maintained. The Irish Wolfhound is an average shedder with a medium-length, rough, wiry coat. Daily brushing is needed to keep the coat free of knots. An occasional trimming may also be needed of the hair on the eyes, neck and underside, and the coat usually needs to be plucked once or twice a year to remove dead hair.

Irish Wolfhound

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