Irish Water Spaniel...


Although the current breed stock is Irish, the origin of the breed is unknown. It is probable that more than one ancient breed of spaniel has gone into its makeup. It is not known from which other breeds Irish Water Spaniels were developed. This is an active breed that is usually found in a real working retriever environment. They are intelligent, quick to learn, alert, and inquisitive. They sometimes display humorous antics while working, earning them their "clownish" reputation. With proper socialization they can be gentle dogs with family and children, but are often shy around strangers.

The Irish Water Spaniel sheds little to no hair and often makes a good choice of pet for people prone to allergies. However, a lot of care in grooming is needed, as the coat can tend to mat. Skilled trimming of the coat is necessary. To prevent mats, the coat must be brushed regularly. In addition, the coat should be professionally trimmed.

Irish Water Spaniel

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