The Harrier, a 900+ year old scenthound breed, originated from England and is a dog of medium size. The harrier is similar to the Foxhound but is somewhat more playful and outgoing. It was bred originally to hunt small game - fox, rabbit and hare. The Harrier belongs to the collection of dogs referred to as Scent Hounds. Harriers are small, compact, strong little dogs that make great companions and are a hunter's best friend. They are good at tracking and have an excellent sense of smell. In temperament, the Harrier is outgoing and friendly and, because he is a pack hound, he gets along well with other hounds. Harriers are gentle by nature and are excellent companion dogs for families with young children.

The Harrier's coat is short, dense, hard and glossy and comes in any colour including a unique blue mottle. They have a low maintenance grooming regimen that demands a monthly general grooming and a full grooming every 8 to 12 weeks. The Harrier is an average shedder. An occasional brushing to remove dead hairs is best.


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