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Here are the Top Ten Reasons "Why You Should Sign My Guestbook!"

10. Because I am promoting 'Slide' for free.
9. Because I want you to!
8. Because it's good "netiquette".
7. Because I am desperate for more friends!
6. Because sometimes I respond to entries in my guestbook and the funnier you are, the more limelight you get!
5. Because I want to make this website popular!
4. Because I want to give David Letterman a run for his money with "Top Ten Stupid Guestbook Tricks".
3. Because my goal is to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records for "Most Guests For A Guestbook Website".
2. So that I can brag: "I've had 6 billion people visited my website!"

And the NUMBER 1 reason why you should sign my guestbook is ... (drumroll)

1. So that I'll know who came to visit me and then I'll be able to visit you and sign your guestbook!!

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