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Some sources state that dogs similar to Great Danes were known in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Various sources report that the Great Dane was developed from the medieval boarhound, and of the Mastiff and Irish wolfhound lines. It is also reported that the Great Dane was developed from mastiff-like dogs taken to Germany by the Alans. The breed may be about 400 years old. The Great Dane is a breed of domestic dog (canis lupus familiaris) known for its giant size and gentle personality. The breed is commonly referred to as the "Gentle giant" and the "Apollo of all breeds" and is also called a German Mastiff.

The Great Dane is an average shedder with a short, thick coat. A brush with a rubber mitt or brush to remove dead hair and to stimulate the skin. If you have an active Dane who enjoys getting muddy, a weekly wash could be in order. These are wash-and-wear dogs with ‘quick’-dry coats. To keep the coat shiny, brush daily with a firm bristle brush or body brush. This will also decrease the need for bathing, which can be quite a job, though dry shampoos can be given when needed. The nails should be frequently trimmed.

Great Dane

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