Finnish Spitz...


The Finnish Spitz originates from Finland, and is in fact the national dog of Finland. Related to ancient hunting dogs, these dogs have been known by such names as Finnish Hunting Dogs and even Barking Bird Dogs. Socialization for the Finnish Spitz can be difficult, especially as puppies because the dog is more interested in other things. Their personality is initially aloof. It barks a lot in a high-pitched bark. This breed does very well with children and don't pursue aggressive situations. The Finnish Spitz is very intelligent and responds well to positive reinforcement.

The grooming requirements for the Finnish Spitz are relatively low, despite the fact that he can be a high seasonal shedder, which means that he is not really suited to those with allergies. You should brush his coat one a week, but this should be done more frequently during the periods when he is shedding more heavily. Dead hairs of the Finnish Spitz do need to be removed from the coat, so this breed should be brushed regularly.

Finnish Spitz

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