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A Field Spaniel was first recorded in the early 19th century. Early litters of these types contained both Field and Cocker spaniels. He was developed by crossing the Sussex Spaniel with the Cocker with the intention of creating a more powerful dog than the Cocker and a lighter one than the Sussex. The Field Spaniel is a member of the gundog group. They were originally used for retrieving game; today they are used for rough shooting and as companions for the country dweller. It is very independent in nature, but mild mannered, sweet, affectionate, smart, active and playful. It makes an excellent family member as long as it is given regular exercise.

Unlike many other spaniel breeds, the Field Spaniel carries a moderate coat. We often refer to Field Spaniels as a “wash’n wear” breed as even for show, we do not spend hours on grooming the dogs. A once or twice weekly brushing is needed, and every few months straggling hairs need to be scissored. Only a minimal amount of trimming of the ears and feet is required for everyday wear. For show purposes, a bit more trimming on the head and throat will be necessary. Plucking is usually required to remove dead hairs, and the ears need to be frequently cleaned.

Field Spaniel

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