Dog Skin Solutions Revealed...


Dog skin problem solutions from rawhide tough cowboys and gold miners revealed…

"If Your Dog Has A Stubborn Skin Problem, Here Are The Tried-And-True Dog Skin Solutions From The Old West Revealed..."

"When A Cowboy’s “Best Friend” Had A Skin Problem In The Old West, Here’s What They Did..."

Dog Skin Solutions

Dog Skin Solutions Revealed - Linda Kajda

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Dear Concerned Dog Owner,

If you want a fast, effective and (many times) dirt cheap solution for your dog’s skin problems, then this report is for you.

But I must warn you:

Some of the information on this page may infuriate unscrupulous dog skin solution manufactures who pass off cheap, kitchen-counter solutions as expensive remedies.

Case in point:

A few years ago, my dog “Pebbles”, (she’s a Pomeranian) started getting flaky skin. Then she started scratching constantly. Naturally, I freaked out.

I immediately called a vet and booked an appointment for the next day. (The office fee was $125 dollars, but I didn’t care. After all, Pebbles is my baby.

Your guide to diagnosing, treating and quickly curing a variety of dog skin problems

Allow me to be blunt for a moment. First of all, I think veterinarians are some of the smartest, most caring humans alive. I did not create this product to replace the expertise of a skilled veterinarian.

If your dog has a serious medical problem, I recommend you take her to the vet immediately. However, the cost of a consultation at a vet’s office has skyrocketed. So I’m always on the look out for simple remedies that I can try at home before I’m forced to drag Pebbles to the vet.

Look, I love my kids (my real ones, not my dog) more than anything in the world. But if my child simply had a hangnail or a minor blister, I wouldn’t dream of visiting a doctor. I’d treat it at home.

It’s the same way with my dog. If something is seriously wrong, I’m taking her to the vet, no questions asked. But if it’s less serious, I’d much rather treat her at home.

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If you agree, then I think you’re going to love what you find inside
Dog Skin Solutions Revealed”. As soon as you start reading you’ll discover…

- The 3 easy techniques used by the most trusted…and most respected dog owners to squelch skin problems before they start (page 7);

- The shocking reason most vets cringe when you bring a dog in and complain of “skin problems” (page 12);

- Does your dog have fleas… Or something much, much worse? (page 19);

- Is your dog constantly itching? Here’s why giving him a bath could actually make it worse (page 14);

- An innocent looking plant (found in many backyards) that could be causing your dogs skin problems (page 14);

- Why the contents of your dogs food dish might be the cause for his skin problems… and why commercial dog food manufacturers do NOT want you to know about this;


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