Welsh Corgi...


The Welsh Corgi is a member of the pastoral group. They were originally used for livestock droving; today they are still used for livestock droving but are more commonly kept as companion dogs. Very intelligent, obedient, and protective, the Welsh Corgi is a very devoted and loving creature, and is good with considerate children, although can be wary around strangers and males can be aggressive around other males. The Welsh Corgi makes a good, devoted, and loyal pet, and its very strong protective instinct makes it ideal for those that want a good watchdog.

The Welsh Corgis have a moderate length and dense double coat. The outer coat is somewhat firm, but not wiry or silky. The softer undercoat is dense and guarded by the outer coat. This coat needs a small amount of time spent on grooming. They do need to be brushed to remove any loose and dead hairs. If they have been out in the mud then it is easy to remove the dirt once it has dried. Grooming should include a twice weekly brushing with a firm bristle brush, and baths should be given only when needed.


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