Clumber Spaniel...


The Clumber Spaniel traces its origins in France, where it was developed by the French nobility and aristocracy during the 18th century for field work. This dog is classified as one of the Sporting Dog Group. It is a gentle, loving and loyal dog. The Clumber Spaniel is a gentle, playful, and affectionate dog. It is a perfect companion dog for children. It is loyal to its owner and family and has the personality of wanting to please. The Clumber Spaniel is also intelligent and can be independent and aloof with strangers, although spending enough time with them will lower the Spaniel’s guard.

The Clumber Spaniel requires weekly care and grooming. The Clumber Spaniel is a heavy shedder with a dense, straight and flat coat. Daily brushing is required to keep the coat tangle-free. In addition, the eyes and ears should be regularly cleaned and the hair under the ears occasionally clipped. The Clumber Spaniel coat should also be trimmed on occasion, and you may find that it is easiest to go to a skilled groomer. Ears are slightly feathered with straight hair. Feathering on the legs and belly should be moderate. Therefore, the styling of this breed is basically to neaten the appearance.

Clumber Spaniel

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