Chesapeake Bay Retriever...


Chesapeakes are an American breed, developed around 1830 and recognized by the AKC in 1880. They are traced back to two early Newfoundlands, Canton and Sailor. The Chesapeake Bay is a member of the gundog group. They were originally used for retrieving waterfowl and today are used as gundogs and companions. These are friendly, intelligent and obedient dogs with a mind of their own. Courageous, willing, loving and trainable although they may be a little slow to learn. People who prefer dogs who are more obedient and submissive tend not to like Chesapeakes at all.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an average shedder with a dense, short coat. Grooming is easy and should be done with a firm bristle brush to remove dead hairs. The coat of the Chesapeake is thick and short with a dense woolly undercoat. The coat can be wavy but is not generally curly, feeling oily when touched. It is advised not to bathe this dog as damage can be done to its waterproof coat. Also take care when brushing, which should only be necessary when the dog is moulting. Brushing will remove the dead and loose hairs.

Chesapeake Bay Retriver

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