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Cairn Terriers originated on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands as a vermin killing dog. They excelled at removing rats and other rodents, as well as badgers and even foxes from the stone cairns commonly found on Scottish farms - thus their name, Cairn Terriers. Cairn Terriers are intelligent, strong, loyal and fearless. Like most terriers, they are stubborn and love to dig after real or imagined prey. Cairn Terriers have a strong prey instinct and will need comprehensive training. Cairn Terriers love to have the company of people; tear around the backyard with the kids & relax with all the family.

The Cairn Terrier coat is hard and weather-resistant and double-coated with plenty of firm outer coat and short, soft, close furry undercoat. Though the coat of the Cairn Terrier is not very long and has a natural, shaggy appearance, it does have a coarse texture which requires regular grooming. Shedding is minimal if the dog is thoroughly brushed and combed weekly with a steel pin brush, and infrequently bathed. The hair around the eyes and ears can be trimmed, and the nails should be clipped regularly. In addition, a bath should be given once a month and the coat brushed as it dries. It is important to keep a Cairn free of fleas, as many Cairns are allergic to flea bites. An annual full strip out of their coat in late Spring to early Summer will keep it, and their skin, healthy and clean.

Cairn Terrier

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