The Briard is a large breed of dog, one of many herding breeds. The Briard is an ancient French herding breed, also known as the Chien Berger de Brie. The Briard has been known for some centuries. This ancient sheep guard and herder has also been used by the French Army as a sentry, messenger, and to search for wounded soldiers because of its fine sense of hearing. The Briard is named either for Aubry of Montdidier, a man who was supposed to have owned an early Briard, or for the French province of Brie, although the dog probably does not originate in that locale. The Briard is a very loyal and protective breed. The Briard is also called a heart wrapped in fur. Once they have bonded to their family members, they will be very protective.

The Briard has a coarse, strong coat that requires regular grooming. This dog should be brushed several times a week to keep its coat from becoming matted. Hair in the ears and between the pads of the feet can be clipped periodically, and special attention should be paid to the inside of the ears to ensure that they're kept clean. With regular grooming, dirt and water do not readily cling to it, and if well-groomed it sheds very little.


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