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The famed progenitor of Bedlington was a dog named "Old Flint", whelped in 1782 and owned by "Squire Trevelyan." Originally, the breed was known as the "Rothbury" or "Rodbery Terrier." It is suggested that the Bedlington may well have made its way to Ireland and played a part in the early development of the Kerry Blue Terrier. The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England. The Bedlington Terrier is often described as looking like a lamb on a leash, probably because it has non-shedding fur with a woolly texture. These do-all dogs were able to do almost anything asked of them, if in classic terrier manner. These high-energy dogs need several vigorous walks and aerobic play sessions daily to keep them happy and content. The breed is well suited for agility.

Bedlington Terriers sheds little to no hair but need weekly combing and professional grooming every 3-4 months to keep their coats (which tend to curl) in good shape, and is ideal for people prone to allergies. This breed has a distinctive trim that usually requires specialized clipping by a professional groomer every six weeks, though you can learn to do it yourself. Though this dog's skin doesn't have the tendency to dry out with frequent bathing as with other breeds, washing too often will give the coat a limp look.

Bedlington Terrier

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