The Basenji is a hunter but it is neither a classic sight or scent hound. The Basenji, a hound of central Africa, is one of the oldest breeds still in existence and are found in ancient Egyptian art. Basenjis are mischievous, very intelligent and love to play. The Basenji will know all the commands you teach it but it will usually think before obeying you. Basenjis tend to be dominant dogs. The Basenji is a dog that is eager to place, and is energetic and alert, and although these dogs do not bark this enables them to be effective as watchdogs.

The grooming requirements for a Basenji are low, as this breed does not shed much at all, and has a sleek, easy to maintain coat. An occasional brushing of the coat is all that is required to get rid of any dead hair, and an occasional rub down with a damp cloth will also help to keep the coat glossy and in good condition. Overall, the Basenji has no dog smell and, in fact, grooms itself very much like a cat!


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