Australian Terrier...


The Australian Terrier is a versatile little dog which is adored by people all over the world. Extremely loyal, affectionate and gentle, the Aussie Terrier is a perfect family dog that learns quickly and is willing to please, making it an easy dog to train and a great companion.

The Australian Terrier is a moderately small dog that is very alert, quick and active, making it an excellent watchdog.

The Australian Terrier has a long, stiff, shaggy coat and sheds little to no hair. The Aussie is naturally quite clean and requires little grooming to be a good pet or companion. Brushing several times a week will keep the hair glossy, and nails should be clipped regularly. Clipping the coat is not required and baths should be given no more than once a month. Keep the hair short between the eyes, around the vent, on the ears, on the back of the tail, along the tops and between the pads of the feet. Teeth should be brushed regularly and the ears should be cleaned occasionally.

Australian Terrier

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