Australian Cattle Dog...


During The 1830s selective breeding was done, with the Blue Merle Collie, Dalmatian, Old English Sheepdog, Australian Kelpie, Smithfield and the native Dingo. The Australian Cattle Dog belongs to the pastoral group and is used for cattle-herding. The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent, alert, watchful, courageous & trustworthy dog, which is eager to learn and ready to work. Agility skill trials are an ideal activity, but the dog will equally enjoy fly-ball, or other sports. As the name implies, the dog's prime function in which he has no peer, is the control & movement of cattle in both wide open & confined areas. The Australian Cattle Dog is good towards its own kind, other pets, and children. If you are seeking a family dog with which you do not have to be very active, then forget this breed.

The Australian Cattle Dog has a short, weather-resistant coat prone to seasonal shedding. The Australian Cattle Dog requires very little grooming and coat maintenance and thus, only requires an occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush. Nails should be kept short to maintain their strength.  Baths should be given only when necessary.  A good oatmeal shampoo or tea tree oil shampoo is fine.  Ears should be kept clean and regularly inspected as well. 

Australian Cattle Dog

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