American Water Spaniel...


The American Water Spaniel originates in the United States, and although there is no clear knowledge with regards to its exact origins, it is thought that this breed may descent from the likes of the Curly Coated retriever, the Old English Water Spaniel, and the Irish Water Spaniel; and has been an all-around farm and hunting dog in the Midwestern United States, particularly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The American Water Spaniel has plenty of energy, especially when younger, and is trainable, intelligent, loyal, dedicated, and fun to be around. It is generally gentle with animals and children.

The grooming requirements for the American Water Spaniel are not overly excessive. The coat is wavy to curly and varies in amount from one part of the body to another. The undercoat provides protection against weather or brush. However matts should be removed as well as excessive undercoat. The American Water Spaniel is a light shedder, but it has an oily coat which needs a thorough brushing twice a week, and this should remove any dead hairs and prevent matting. You may also need to trim any stray hairs whilst grooming. This oiliness can cause a strong odor, but baths should only be given when necessary to prevent the skin from drying out.

American Water Spaniel

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