Afghan Hound...


The Afghan Hound, a member of the Sighthound family, is an aristocrat with a proud and dignified look. There's no doubt that the Afghan Hound is an ancient breed, a sighthound rising from the mists of time among the nomadic peoples of the Middle East. The breed was first discovered on the border country between Afghanistan and India. Orginially bred to course game across mountainous terrain, the Afghan is very agile and moves with grace and ease. The Afghan Hound is a tough, agile dog capable of climbing rocky outcrops. The Afghan Hound is a beautiful, graceful and surprisingly active & agile dog outdoors.

Grooming is a serious business with Afghan Hounds. Grooming for half an hour every other day is a good standard. This breed is prone to mats and tangles, which can be prevented with daily brushing if his coat is to remain beautiful. Never brush a dry or dirty coat.  This will damage the hair.  The Afghan Hound requires a thorough brush and comb out BEFORE the bath, and it must be fluff-dried, never cage-dried, for maximum and proper effect. Shedding is average.

Afghan Hound

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